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What is Ethical Hacking

Procedure Use for Ethical Hacking

Hacker:  The procedures used by ethical hackers to identify any flaws in systems, applications, or an organization’s infrastructure. But they can be utilized by the attacker. By using this system. The hackers look for weaknesses in security. Use various hacks to prevent cyberattacks and security breaches. The steps followed by ethical hackers. The same as the steps malicious attackers take. Therefore they test the organization’s strategy. This network use by the same thought processes.

The same five steps are used by both an attacker and an ethical hacker to breach networks or systems. It is essential to find a variety of methods to hack into the system, exploit the vulnerabilities, maintain steady access to the system, and finally. Find a way to kill the system. But Ethical hacking practices include social engineering, system hacking, web server hacking etc.

Five phases of hacking are described as below:


The first step in the ethical hacking methodology is reconnaissance. Which is also known as gathering information or leaving a footprint. As much information as possible will be collected during this preliminary phase. An attacker gathers all the information needed to launch an attack. Before launching one. Typically, this information consists of passwords, employee details etc. Malicious parties can gather this information by downloading an entire website using tools. such as HTTP Track conducting research using search engines like Maltego. To research your job profile, news etc. Where as Data collected by footprinting may come from areas such as UDP, TCP, hosts of protocol etc.

Access Gain:

It means unauthorized access to the system or network from where the information is taken. The hacker may use various tools to access the network. Therefore system and steal information for various purposes. In most cases. But the user may not know that the system has been hacked.


Users accounts, credentials, IP addresses, etc. Are among the information sought by the attacker. As  a part of ethical hacking. This step involves analyzing the network, quickly accessing it and skimming through its contents. Many tools such as dialers, port scanners, etc. Also you can be used in the scanning phase to scan data and records.

The methodologies of scanning are given below:

  • Network Scanning:

                    It detects the devices. But they are active on the system. Maps their IP addresses. and tries various ways to use the system.

  •  Port Scanning:     

                    It involves port scanners. Packets are sent to ports and the responses are analyzed to learn the details about the services in working.

  •  Vulnerability Scanning:       

                     It is a designed program used to assess computers or the system for any known weaknesses.

Track Clearance:

When the system has been hacked. The information or data has been collected. This is the time when the hacker needs to clear the tracks. As no hacker wants to be caught. This includes clearing the logs. Corruption and deletions.

Types of Hackers:-

Following are the different types of hacker:

Gray Hat Hacker:

          When they hack the system or networks. The owner does not know that the system has been hacked or is being analyzed by someone else. They act without being malicious. The purpose is to find weaknesses in a specific system. Let the user know about them.

Black Hat Hacker:

          They are also known as “crackers”. Their purpose is to hack the system. And network in an unauthorized way. To gain information and precious data. This hacking is mostly illegal. Because the intentions of the hacker are always negative.

White Hat Hacker:

           They are known are the “ethical hackers”. They are known for penetration testing. The process of penetration testing includes cyber attacks on the system. To exploit the attacks which leverage vulnerabilities.

Red Hat Hacker :

         Accessing top secret information that is related to government. Any other sensitive information. Because they are a combination of black and white hat hackers.

Green Hat Hacker:

        They are also known as “neophytes”. But they are new to hacking. Therefore have little to no knowledge of the technology or hacking.

Blue Hat Hacker:

        The target of blue. Hat hackers is loopholes. Once they find them. When they close them. Then they bug test the systems before their launch.

Elite Hacker:

         Elite Hacker includes the most skilled hackers. It is a social status hackers.


         The common hack type involved. Here is the denial of services. The services become unavailable to users/ consumers. But this type of hacking has b a relation with politics or religion etc.


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